Tinder’s Pouch List. Tinder’s Case of Holding Contains the Appropriate.

Meridiem Explorations: [ revise | revise source ]

-tattered lime attire from older monk and his skull

As entirely on Mt. Machtobo whenever Tinder joined the realm of Xel and being mostly of the mortals to-break of the understand single handedly. It absolutely was later on used to frighten the crap from the monks here, not on intent behind program.

-lemon that never ever goes away completely once you consume it Destined Lemon

On one area is a goblins face with a tilted grown, their nostrils is very large. One other side illustrates a womans boobs on a sunset. Almost all of the coins expect getting chewed on by something with fangs.

– magical icicle switch-blade

Discovered nearby the icon Ice wall structure on Meridiem which was protected by Two Drow looking animals, however after become daemons of sorts, the ice knife seems to be a frozen handle, that is very cold to the touch, but flicking your wrist brings a razor-sharp icicle. They shatters like normal ice, plus big temperatures will fade. ((PROVIDED TO OAKNOT POWDERLEAF))

-small dull piece of sharpening stone

Extracted from Wol’s Dwarf-like avatar, it had been borrowed during a strange confrintation with a tornado. [[

– tetsu’s pocket-book *The publication is identified “Seeking Legends”*

A book employed by Tinder and group on Meridiem concerning the strange beasts that turned legend, it lists around 13 of the very popular them. One webpage was designated with a splotch of blood.

– block of build steel

Obtained from the strange stone-metal animated serpent within one of several dense jungles of Meridiem.

– paper bag filled with some things

-really rusty Chapak -small circular guard -Tetsu’s Flute -golden bong from Gnomad -Requiem’s (Reknown Valikorlian Bishop) sleep -20 steel case sling bullets -Kender fashioned, and measured Ninja attire (Four-Gods guild disguise +2 for hiding) -5 jars of very crap from four gods guild -30 foot cup pan (from fireball on sands) -a scrap of paper from Ilthak’s open area. (Shopping list for pickeled areas of the body) -Climbers package (spiked shoes, etc) -10 bone tissue tossing knives -gloomkin doll head -red and white stripped stilts -some old towels -pile of radiant stones and skeleton parts. (A guardian undead of sorts) -two sculptures holding Orrovan’s godly axe -four passes to tonights showings at a theatre in Hurlin. -RizaDiza’s head -4 flowers

Kharlian activities: [ edit | change provider ]

– a bell provided to him by Bromium who was supposed by Siege subsequently whenever shaken triggers lighting snowfall for a short time. – Broken products of the aging process from mage tower – a live cricket tinder accidently conjured. – Anjou Raiheart’s Fruit Center. Put on Tinders head in an unusual means, when he said “Aww” to the lady many knight chap. – silver Dragoon Medallion depciting a Dragon inside Sky. How big is extreme money, and claims Dragoon Corps. on the again. – yellow ruby. from Wilhem Jacobs -Human sized Lizardman body boots

in addition to dirty cardboard package they came in. -Kinetic Fuel band. -One most pouch of homebrew adhesive (Bugbear spit, goblin snot, honey and tree sap) -From Cahfei’s Grave

-valikorlian dish -valikorlian helm -long blade (Valikorlian) -short blade (Valikorlian) -mace (Valikorlian) -crossbow (Valikorlian) -Gallons of water through the flooding. -kendersized valikorlian dish -kendersized valikorlian helm -Taronian industry dish with grieves and gauntlets -Bracers of strange Results -Sil’Fer’s severed proper supply – Flagon of Disgust (Can be used to hold a drink, but causes substance inside to change, which range from worst preferences to making it dangerous.) -picture he drew of elf woman -piece of the urn of lifetime – The imitation associated with popular Skyblade -‘pop’ up publication with howling spirit with it -Hoopak -Bugbear tresses (scruffs) -3 jugs of dairy -2 material cups -rope (100 ft) -grasshoppers (2, lifeless) -cheese (4 blocks) -a wheel (small,wooden) -stick (2) -map of Endraal -map of Valikorlia -map of varied Meridiem section -backwards compass -a hilt of a blade -a grappling hook -Lerhyn folded up flag -map of Alkaria -Some of Tauren’s ashes -black young child’s Halloween mask -a chipmunks skull -a bit of timber with scribbles upon it -a waxpaper design of a elephant -seventeen strands of dwarven hair on your face -Empyrian ladies makeup -a turtle container (Suiriku) -a bee in a bottle -the publication a dragons toothache -an inn sign -instruments (flute and lute) -cheese grater -peace treaties as well as other crucial documents (3) -a packed poultry -a glowing golf ball -a bucket of Ascan liquid -a black mages miracle book -cotton tunics (2) -gnomish spectacles -a topknot holder (2) -a brass bracelet -small rocks (20) -large stones (2) -a case of trash from an inn -seventeen older loafs of honey loaves of bread -four lifeless birds -eleven quilts -a pair of solid wood teeth -a dirty scratched piece of glass -hot grass -exotic fruit -Six bedding -a stack of hay -bucket, wooden -Orc teeth -asca royal robes and icons -vial explosive -Drow cave dust -a image of a hero -Saurvoldic priest signal -pure golden sword (from Gwydions treasury) -mushrooms (5) -drow shortsword -Val holy image -statue of Zangus Skyblade -bracelet of older Taron king -copper components (22) -barrel of wheat -barrel of water -barrel of dried chicken -a demons enamel (from the dropping abyss tower) -a corrupted rose (close endraal when combat corruption) -a little bit of Exar Katarn’s helm -Dalmar plant portion (with the help of a gnome which recommended points) -alchemists fire (2) -many pieces of chalk -lockpicks (lots of) -several points (to inns, desserts, castles, etc.) -red case high in vials of accumulated sand -yellow case of methods (stage magician) -cantrips (2) -loafs of breads as well as other rations -painted rock -cracked teacup -folded kite with damaged reigns -small fishing rod -grand associates (from Cendamos) -magic blade of returning -Dragoon Medallion of confidence -Fish (1) -Steel Dagger (Lerhynian) -Nadrion Liamne’s Ensigna -Flask of oils -A Candle -A lantern -a Troll mind -Map of Kenderville -A Direspider corpse -Weird ribbone -vial Eugene escort service of tar beast part -musical field -ancient pill -Som Il Sil’s Armour parts -38 haphazard dalmarite documentation regarding Hecar -a lock of zairra’s locks -Freshly crunched Coco beans (From Lockjaw) -the corpse of cendamos

-an abyssal runic tablet Bana ::GIVEN TO SHIVAL::

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